Why Sheep Placenta

For more than 1,400 years, the Chinese have used placenta to promote general health. Its benefits include enhancing body energy, skin complexion and retarding the ageing process. Today, modern science has found that sheep placenta is rich in nutrients, growth factors and placenta proteins that are able to promote cellular growth, regulate hormone secretion, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate our cells and tissues.

Moreover, sheep is considered to have one of the strongest immune system in the animal kingdom, enabling them to thrive even during cold, harsh winters. On the other hand, many other animals lack such strong life force. Thus, placenta cells obtained from the sheep also possess similar resilience and vitality, which would be transferred to the human body when taken.

In order to extract the freshest and healthiest cells, and meet the strict requirements of ZÉLL-V exclusive formulation, ZÉLL-V has specially bred its sheep in the most high-tech laboratories of New Zealand using the “Close Colony” breeding method, where millions of sheep are separately bred in groups. This method effectively prevents the spread of infections disease and ensures the excellent quality of ZÉLL-V sheep placenta products.