Past Events

V-Star V Sports Day - 25/05/14

25 May, 2014@Confucian Private Secondary School, KL

It was a fun and exciting morning for V-Star 2014 participants and their family who came from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore raced against time and one another, each of them giving their very best to earn extra points that would increase their chances of winning the V-Star Star Search 2014 contest. Interesting games that were held included Hop Sacks, 3-Legged Race, Egg Spoon Race, Hula Hoop, Hop Scotch, Blow Balloon and Bang, etc. Before the event ended, a lucky draw was held where 5 contestants won a box of ZÉLL-V Platinum Placenta Extract worth RM750, while another 5 contestants returned home with a box of ZÉLL-V Phytogreen worth RM480 each. Exercise, fun, friendship, extra points and free cellular rejuvenation softgels – what could be a better way to spend your Sunday morning?